Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blues n' Q's

Blues N' Q's 16/52, originally uploaded by LAlivin13.
This past weekend at our first AKC agility trial Mani was AWSOME. It was our most sucessful trial. We got blues n' Q's every run. I am so happy.

Our first run Saturday was Novice Jumpers w/ Weaves

Our second run Saturday was Novice Standard. He gave me quite a fright, when he came out of that tunnel. He was so fast that he slid all the way to the very edge of the table before he was able to stop himself. If he had come off the table, it would be a fault. That has happend to us before at a trial.

This last run is Sunday Novice Jumpers W/ Weaves. I really liked this course; unfortunately, I was not able to walk it before I ran the course with Mani. In the video you can see me looking around trying to read numbers, then I would look at the judge to see if her hand went up to call an off-course fault. We were still able to Q' and place first!

Our last run on Sunday was awful. We still Q'd and placed first, but that was only because the other dogs that ran against Mani were eliminated. Mani was very unfocused and not listening. I was still happy with his performance, though.

Blues n' Q's all weekend. I am so thrilled!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trial Videos!

I finally have the videos to the trial. (lost the camera) Not all of our runs were video taped but here are some.

Here is our first standard run on Saturday!

Here is our second standard on Sunday, I was really happy about this Q because we blew our first standard run that day!

This last run was a jumpers course, I love jumpers. But Mani and I never seem to flow together on a jumpers course, maybe I need to rethink my favorites!

This was the last run on Sunday. He was a little out of it, we both were. We had just gone for a really long walk around the property in the hot sun before this run.
Overall I am very happy with how we did!
We are competing in our very first AKC trial this weekend (4-24 and 4-25). I cant wait. I am sure Mani will do great. I just hope I could say the same about myself. Anyways, I dont know what the novice rules are but I am sure we can Q everything, and come back with 2 legs towards a title.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Agility Weekend Results

Mani and I had a very successful agility weekend. Mani Q’d everything on Sat. and everything but 1 standard on Sun. He got his superior title! In all he Q’d 8 out of 9 runs with a few 1st place wins, a couple thirds and a fourth. We need only 3 more games before we are done building legs for his TACH. YAY!!
I am so excited! We are going to an AKC trial at the end of the month and I can’t wait. I find the Novice AKC courses to be kind of easy; however I have never run one, only observed. Mani and I have been running advanced courses almost since the day we started to I am expecting to do very well.

I have some videos of our runs. I will be posting them soon.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hopeful new Title

Mani and I are competing in a TDAA agility trial this weekend. We only need 1 Q in standard and we get our Superior Standard Title.
Then we need 8 Q’s in games with 3 wins, and 10 Q’s in Standard with 3 wins to get the Championship TACH.

We are also going to start competing in AKC. Our first trial is at the end of the month.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Mani and I have very recently started flyball training. He was never really into toys before; definitely not balls. In our competition obedience training he finally learned how to hold a dumbell in his mouth and bring it back to me. Just 4 days ago I trained him to catch a ball being thrown at him. He is liking it!

I thought flyball would be something fun for us to do with our agility and everything else.

Click to enlarge!

He seems to be really enjoying himself. I have just been doing a little training at home with him mostly. Working on the foundation things that he would need to know for flyball. 
It is getting warmer and I am loving it, the dogs not so much.             more later!