Friday, May 14, 2010

More Trial Stuff

I guess I could blog more often!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I am taking the dogs to a huge pet event called WoofStock, last year it was called Pet-a-ploosa. I couldnt attend last year because I was in California for school state testing. A friend went ans brought Mani with her. She said it was so much fun and the vendors were giving away so much free merchandise that Mani had enough dog food for the next two months. I am finally going to be able to go, after hear ing about it for a year. I cant wait it seems like fun, a great socialization time for Jillian who at the last place I brought her to she had a falling out moment that she could not fully recover from.

Anyways, trial information.
On May 21st - 23rd Mani and I are competing in another AKC trial. I am so excited, on Friday if he goes 2 for 2 he will get his Novice Jumpers With Weaves title NAJ and Standard title NA. I can't wait. He was so fast at the last trial. I am a little nervous because at TDAA trials he is slower and therefore able to weave very nicely. His weaves at this last AKC trial were awful. If we move up to open he is going to have to weave a full set of 12 weave poles. We have not done 12 poles in almost 6mo. In TDAA we are in Superior so we have the option of 12 but the judges only ever do 6.
Normally I would just take him to work with me and take the agility equiptment out and practice, but whenever I train weave poles he get scared, nervous, then shuts down and never wants to see poles again. So what am I to do? I am guessing that I just have to trust my dog and believe that he will show what a good trainer I am. :P.

THEN the next weekend we are going to a TDAA trial in Tenneesee. That should be really fun because Mani will get his TMAG title, which is Teacup Master Agility Games. That means that he received 10 Q's in Satandard games. YAy! Go Mani! I just hope the long road trip before does not make him too sick to run well.

So I think that is enough ranting for one afternoon!

A trick and canine freestyle video to come soon.