Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy, but Not

Finaly back home with my animals! I am so happy!

The only thing, my suitcase did not make it.

Which means that all of my camera equiptment is not here, so photos and videos are going to have to wait. :(

I took an awsome picture of Mani this week but I cannot put it on my computer because I do not have to cord to my computer! Sometime I just dont like technology!

Well it snowed here, Mani likes the snow, so we had fun running around, well, wait, no, not 'we,' Mani was the only one who liked running around in the cold. Jillian and I had other plans.

So hopefully I will get my bags soon.

I am doing a 52 Weeks for Dogs, well this is the first week, and I dont have a camera! How evil!

I have to go do some obedience with Mani now, we have 2 weeks to make up for. He needs straight fronts.