Monday, August 24, 2009

Mani's Title Run!

This was our third run, we Q'd and so he gained his Title.


Mani and I are going to Ohio.

We are going to a TDAA Trial in Ohio.

We are flying to Ohio.

The Petit Prix, TDAA Nationals, are in October. I really want to go. I really want Mani to be running Superior level by then. Hopefully in Ohio we will gain another title. I am really excited but very nervous.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Champion!

Mani’s brother, Pilot Caprice Chuck Yeager. Of Pilot Papillons, recently gained his conformation Championship.

Way to go Yeager!! YAY!

TDAA Trial

Well I haven’t written in a LONG time. I can’t even remember what I was supposed to say. I guess I will start with the trial.

Mani and I attended a TDAA Trial on August 15th &16th.

We did great! He was a little slow but that did not stop us from getting Q’s and Placing 3rd in ever standard run on Saturday. We also received our Beginner Standard Title. TBAD! Mani has a new name Pilot Mandolin Rain CGC TBAD “Mani”. I love it! I was blown away with how well he did.

Beginner Standard 1

Beginner Standard 2

On Sunday, we moved up to Intermediate. I was so nervous, there are no weave poles allowed in beginner, but they are required in Intermediate. He does not have very good weaves. Our first run was great. But after the weaves they had a tunnel, then a table. I was so excited about the weaves, when he did them perfectly, that I pushing into the tunnel then onto the table too fast that he slipped off the table. Then he popped right back on. The rest of the run was perfect. We placed 1st but did not Q because of the fault.

The next run was a disaster; he reverted back to his old self and forgot I was there. He jumped onto the timers lap, then tried to get free snuggles from the scribe. He jumped up and down and begged at the judge’s feet. Then he decided that instead of a standard run he was going to turn it into a gamble and started making up his very own special course. After getting him back, finally, we finished the course and still managed to place 1st. The last run was a game and he was so tired we got a score of –5.

Somehow we still managed to receive Intermediate High in Trial on Sunday. I was very happy!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Please vote for Mani!

Vote for Mani
Vote for ManiVote for Mani

Agility Run Thru

Mani and I are going to our very first agility run thru tomorrow. I cant wait, although I hate getting up early. This is what is really going to tell me whether or not he is ready to start competing now, or if we need more time. Whatever the answer, we are still going to the trial on the 15th. Mani is doing 5 standard runs and 1 game. I cant wait! I am so excited! After the trial though we are going to work on new skills and fine tuning old ones. We really need to work on weaves. He can do 12 poles but he may miss a pole here and there. I am going to start all over with the training, just go right back to the beginning. Then I want a rear cross with him. I have very badly timed front crosses and a rear cross would be perfect sometimes, especially with Mani when I dont know whether or not I can catch or keep up with him to get the cross in. Then I also want him to know a 'go on'. He does not listen to my body as much as I would have liked. So I do need a lot of verbal commands. Anyway, I will most likely have video and pictures of tomorrow's run thru. I will also blog tomorrow, because the run thrus are over at 11am. So I will have the rest of the day to sleep. Hehe!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mani Agility

I have not blogged in a while. Monday I spent the night at my agility trainers house, so that I could go with her to her agility class. It was fun, and then afterwards we stayed and ran Mani around the course. He is doing so well. He stunned me that night. Took me completely off guard. There were two other dogs in the fence in area with us. A Bichon Frise and a Yorkshire Terrier. They both were doing agility. Once I got some food in my hands he was so focus. He came when I called him off the other dogs, he stayed with me, and he was paying attention to me and listening to me. He is not usually like that AT ALL! Especially when there are other dogs around. We did a few courses. He did great. He got tired very fast because the night before he was playing at a friends house with their dog ‘till 2am. Then all that day he had been in a house full of dogs, and playing with them like a mad-man. He did great otherwise! Even with all that he had been doing, he still wanted to play with a few toys when we got back to the house.

On Tuesday night we went to another class, this one she was teaching. I ran in the class with everybody. He was great. On our first run (we were the first ones to run, Mani jumps 12” everybody else jumped higher) Mani was distracted because he wanted to see all of the people and especially dogs who were waiting around the ring. He did not like the start line because too many dogs and people, he could not control his urges. On our third attempt at starting the course he listened to me and left it alone then we were off. He did the course perfectly, well almost. Except for his weave poles, a knocked bar on a long jump, and a few handler errors, we did great. He was focused and listening the rest of the night.

He is really becoming a star. After only five lessons, he is just about ready to compete. We will be competing at a trial on August 15 and 16. I can’t wait. It is a TDAA trial.

Even though we are going to start competing (mostly because he is old enough now) there are still a lot of things we really need to work on. His weaves are accurate but very slow. In the trial, beginner level there are no weaves. If all goes well, we may even get the High In Trial ribbon. Hehe! We are running 5 standard runs and 1 game. 3 runs each day. 6 runs in all. I really hope we do well.

Sorry I have no video. We are going to an agility run thru this Saturday, maybe I can get someone to film me there. Hope Mani does well!

I will post our time at the park with Mani, lots of pictures.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Long. . . .

Got back from a full three days of agility. Will blog more later.